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Faced with the worst environmental disaster in history, Obama wants change. He just won't fight for it.

June 15 2010





2020: China Rises, the U.S. Declines and the Planet Strikes Back


Much will change in 10 years. China will rise, the global South will grow in importance, the U.S. will decline. These phenomena will be eclipsed by devastating planetary changes.

January 6, 2010



Acidic oceans: The 'evil twin' of warming

Seas absorb CO2 but that stunts some coral, other skeletal marine life

Dec . 22, 2009




From Copenhagen

At the eleventh hour of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, after 14 days of frustrating negotiation, contention, oration, and demonstration, personal negotiations between U.S. and Chinese leaders created an unexpected and possibly breakthrough outcome.

View the entire official record of the action, or as many saw it, inaction, taken by COP-15 on an international plan to reduce greenhouse emissions.

December 20, 2009



Copenhagen Update: Deal Sealed, but More to be Done

President Obama spoke today before leaving the Copenhagen climate conference to announce that a deal has been brokered. What the deal actually means or will accomplish is still a little unclear, but the fact that leaders from countries all over the world are still talking is a good sign.

December 18th, 2009



Amazon Losing Ability to Curb Global Warming

The Amazon's flying rivers"—humid air currents that deliver water to the vast rain forest—may be ebbing, and in turn drying out the region's trees and ability to curb global warming, according to experts.

December 17, 2009




2000-2010: A Decade of (Climate) Change

Climate change dominated the environmental discourse this decade. What will explode on the scene from 2010 on? Water and food issues, and China's continued economic growth, according to experts.

December 10, 2009




Copenhagen Climate Conference : What you need to know

World leaders will gather next week to hash out a new game plan for tackling climate change. Learn what they hope to accomplish—and why experts are saying humankind has a "very narrow window of opportunity" to act.

December 5, 2009



Who'll Pay for the Climate Change Refugees?

Island and coastal nations are grappling with rising sea levels attributed to global warming -- and some want industrialized nations...


Jul 29, 2009

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